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Name: Autum
Age: 15

Location: Aberdeen, UK

Interests: Music, photography, going to starbucks, watching movies, meeting new people, jaffa cakes, ice cream, custard

Top 10 bands/artists:
incubus, the used, hawthorne heights, biffy clyro, reuben, hell is for heros, thrice, jeff buckley, taking back sunday, thursday

Top 5 Film's: LOTR, Donnie Darko, Finding Nemo, 8 Mile *blushes*, The Butterfly Effect

Favourite book and why (if you have one): One Child- It was really interesting about a little girl and her relationship with her teacher. It's based on a true story and it's just really catchy.

Top 5 T.V Show's: Friends, The O.C, Smallvile, Fairly Odd Parents, Viva La Bam

Favourite band at the moment and why: Biffy Clyro- I just recently went to see them for the 5th time and they keep getting better and better. They are just amazing.

Favourite song at the moment: Biffy Clyro- All The WAy Down or Biffy Clyro- There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake (It's my favourite all the time)

Favourite Lyrics and why: "Why can't I feel anything for anyone other than you?" - Taking Back Sunday- Cute Without The "E".
It means a lot to me because it just sums up exactly what I'm wondering about this certain person.

What makes you so cool? Because I'm rad! Everyoen loves me! No... um, I'm not sure... But I like my style and my hair :D

Who do you think is cool? And why? I think Bam Margera is cool because he is just so funny. He is mad and we love him for it :)

What will you bring to the community? me, myself and I

What do you think of the moderators? dont know them personally but I'm sure they are cool people :)

How can the community be improved? more interests on the list but except from that, it's spiffy.

Post a picture of yourself if you have one: My camera broke but I shall post as soon as I get another.
I will post a picture of my eye that I have from my last camera though...

Hope it works..

Thank you.♥
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