★Sash★ (faded_something) wrote in weresospiffy,

Name: Sash

Age: 17

Location: Sweden

Interests: Swimming, Drinking, Talking, Painting, Sleeping..

Top 10 bands/artists: Home Grown :(, Millencolin, Senses Fail, Hellogoodbye, MxPx, Sex Pistols, Violent Delight, Finch, Matchbook Romance, 2pac

Top 5 Film's: Stand By Me, Jurassic Park, The Last Action Hero, Pearl Harbor, Happy Gilmore

Favourite book and why (if you have one): And I Don't Want To Live This Life, Bascially because that's one of the only books I've ever finished reading, and also I like the whole story about her life, makes you kind of understand her.

Top 5 T.V Show's: OZ, The Shield, One Tree Hill, The OC, Family Guy

Favourite band at the moment and why: Senses Fail, it has been for quite a while aswell, I just can't seem to stop listening to their songs.

Favourite song at the moment: Ballad For Dead Friends, This has been my favourite song for a while now, it's just the lyrics and the music, I don't know, it just gets to me.

Favourite Lyrics and why: "Det är nära att jag kör E20 norr, det är en stad i mitt hjärta av lycka och sorg" Okay so you have to be able to understand swedish to understand those lyrics, but basically the E20 is the road tha leads into the city I live in and to translate it kinda it says 'it's close that I drive E20 north, its a city/town in my heart of sadness and joy' and well yeah, that's why I like them, cus it kind of explains how I feel for this place, it has a place in my heart like that aswell.

What makes you so cool? Well I don't really concider myself cool, but we could pretend that I am cool cus I do infact have very cool sox.  

Who do you think is cool? And why? I think my turtle Raphael is cool, cus he's a bit like Raphael from TMNT, except for the fact that he doesn't really talk or eat pizza. But the attitude.

What will you bring to the community? Uhm, anything I can really.

What do you think of the moderators? They are awesome, in many ways even. How often do you meet people who like Rain anyways?

How can the community be improved? Oh I like it the way it is, maybe a few more members?
Post a picture of yourself if you have one: I did have one but I think I lost it, or deleted it, However I will post one as soon as I get a new one.

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