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dum dum dum to this community i bring LIFE

i dont know why i havent joined this...or rejoined as the case sortve is..!

Name: Stef

Age: 17

Location: Wolverhampton, UK

Interests: Music, Reading, Drawing, Guitar, Singing, Web design type things

Top 10 bands/artists: say anything, brand new, bright eyes, hellogoodbye, the academy is, panic!at the disco, help she can't swim, colour of fire, fall out boy, motion city soundtrack and so many more :|

Top 5 Film's: garden state, donnie darko, girl,interrupted, shaun of the dead, fight club

Favourite book and why (if you have one): nick hornby - high fidelity - mainly because 1) its relatable to, and 2)its written from the point of view of a music obsessive *ahem*

Top 5 T.V Show's: scrubs, two guys and a girl, the oc, one tree hill, ER

Favourite band at the moment and why: the academy is - because the academy is is awesome. its like been done before, but TAI do it very well. its witty too. i love the wit.

Favourite song at the moment: open hand - tough girl

Favourite Lyrics and why: anything off say anything - is a real boy. ok ultimate lyrics off that "miss black eyeliney/you'd look finer/with each day in hiding/yeh" just because its brings a vivid picture of the character being described, and its rare to find that in music nowadays

What makes you so cool? the fact i'm uncool. yet vaguely cool. maybe.

Who do you think is cool? And why? anyone who can go through life not caring what people think of them, because thats a quality i wish i had

What will you bring to the community? in theory , spiffyness. maybe designs and musical recommendations

What do you think of the moderators? totally cool dudettes. mirror mirror on the wall, whos the spiffiest of them all? "amy and camilla"

How can the community be improved? more spiffyness

Post a picture of yourself if you have one: unfortunately im an attention whore at times.
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