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_little_red_ 's application.

I'm re-posting _little_red_'s application because she posted it in about 4 seperate entries and it's hard to read and stuff.




Interests:going to gogs, eating, playing guitar

Top 10 bands/artists: Taking Back Sunday, Biffy Clyro, Billy Talent, Funeral For A Friend, Reuben, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Brand New, XisLOADED,Coheed and Cambria

Top 5 Film's: Donnie Darko, Chocolat,, IT ,Secret Window, 8 mile if im honest

Favourite book and why (if you have one): Twelve its about drugs and stuff teaches you things about the way people act (if that makes sense)

What makes you so cool? Im not really sure maybe the fact I have converse? That are customized. Wooooo

Who do you think is cool? And why? Cause I n a way I created them myself and if you where converse your in a type of community with people if that makes sense

What will you bring to the community? A lot of joy and laughter

What do you think of the moderators? Ive never spoke to them but I bet their cool as they did make this community

How can the community be improved? By bringing more people into it

Post a picture of yourself if you have one: my computer is a bitch and doesn’t let me oh and my application will come in like a hundred parts cause like I said my computer is a bitch.
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