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New Britain, Connecticut


snowboarding, hiking, rockclimbing, listening to music, big movie buff, reading, writing, talking everywhere, shopping, and im open to many more. 

Favourite bands (10 maximum):

the Killers, the clash, the cure, red hot chilli peppers, daphne loves derby, northstar, atreyu, coheed and cambria, something corporate

Top 5 Film's:

Oh man, I love movies... So.. to narrow it down, this is going to be a tuffie... Usually the most recent movies seen are the ones that stick with you.. lets me think... Meet the Parents never gets old, Dumb and Dumber is great (even though Dumb and Dumberer kinda sucked, cant hold that against it) 5 people you meet in heaven is a good emotional movie. Ghost is a great couple movie. and what can i say.. i loved LOTR

Favourite book and why (if you have one):

Actually, I think that The Da Vinci code may be one of my all time favorites... You'll have to read it to actually get the whole grasp, but it was great... and I Love to Read...

The Da Vinci Code will just simply amaze you... I'm a person that eventually wants to enter the medical field but this book actually made me want to be more of a history major.. I am definitely going to take a class in Theology.

Top 5 T.V Show's:

CSI, OC, Family Guy, Sex and the City,

Favourite song at the moment:

Hmm.. I think it would be.... Vertical Horizon - Best I Ever Had

Favourite Lyrics and why:

Restless, fed up tough and clever, wishing this would last forever, is futile when, you know it won't

-Pretty Girls Make Graves

What makes you so cool?

I'm very well rounded taking in a breath of everything. I will do anything, I have no fears (well failure and rejection but those are too bad) I'm up for anything. I do everything from chess to cliff jumping. I don't care what people think of me. Theres no shame in speaking your mind.

Who do you think is cool? And why?

Hmm.. I would have to say I think anyone with a Irish or English accent is amazingly awesome... Hott too.. I don't know what it is.. I just simply crumble... My heart melts and I am theirs.

What will you bring to the community?

I will bring myself, my views and my life.

What do you think of the moderators?

Can't wait to meet them.

How can the community be improved?

I don't see anything wrong with it...

Post a picture of yourself if you have one:

Dilema... New Computer.. No New Picks...


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